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Lili Brand Story

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lili founded by Lily Ji in New York City in 2021, is a wellness brand that focuses on meditation, yoga, and activewear.

lili was born out of a love for inspiring and cheering people towards yoga, meditation, and spirituality with the curiosity of “Why aren’t there better platforms for people to connect with their inner self?”

Lili encourages people to follow their inner voice. lili wants to help people make the journey beyond the physical world’s limitations, giving relief from the stress and worries of the world, while allowing full creativity to flow, free from any of life’s distractions. The motivation behind starting lili was to help people recognize the very important, pure relationship with their higher self.


No matter what is happening along your personal adventure, instead of allowing any stress to overwhelm you, lili offers yoga passes, unlimited yoga plans, yoga personal training, and transcendental meditation practices to help their community to best harness the power of self-healing while promoting this mastery of inner peace giving you the tools to better cope and deal with life’s never ending stressors.


We are lili. Our mission is holistic well-being. Go from stressed out to fully calm. Happier and relaxed. Not only a wellness brand, but a supportive community, here as YOUR cornerstone, fulfilling our passion of empowering people to connect socially within the yoga community and share in their wellness journey together.

Lili Founder Story

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My name is Lily Ji - a yogi, digital creator, and influencer. I enjoy dancing, traveling, eating, sleeping, reading, and goofing around.


Spiritual routes of life and a mind-body connection have always inspired me since childhood, and I've been living with an undying passion for uncovering the farthest horizons of mysticism. I have practiced yoga and meditation for over ten years. Yoga has been helping me a lot in being flexible, dealing with stress, and clearing distractions; so I have a passion for helping people to feel well too.

I was born and raised in China, and I embarked on a six-month solo journey around the country when I was 19. When I was 20, I came to the United States to attend college. I didn't speak English at the time and learned it in New York. Some people told me I couldn’t earn a degree in a country where I don’t speak the language and I was too old to pick up a new culture. However, I have proven them wrong because I earned degrees in Digital media and Marketing in Stony Brook University. I began working as a digital creator in 2018 and traveled to seven other countries. I wanted to start my own company and some people told me I couldn’t do it because I have no experience. Still I have proven them wrong. I knew I was going to have a wellness company to help more people. I founded lili in 2021 to endorse inner peace through yoga and meditation. I also want to encourage people to pursue their passion and meaning in life through the lili community.

As a result of my abilities and experiences, I can guide individuals and establish a significant connection during yoga and meditation. By practicing, evolving, and genuinely living yoga, I've been able to incorporate it into everyday life, allowing serenity and joy to blossom within and radiate to others! Listen to your inner guidance, my friends. My activewear collection at Minidazz makes it easy to achieve your fitness goals. They are stylish and comfy. The fashionable and elegant attire will enable you to feel inspired and breeze through your yoga sessions.

Lily Ji - Yoga instructor, digital creator and influencer
Lily Ji - Yoga instructor, digital creator and influencer
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