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Inside Minidazz

Minidazz is a fitness company that focuses on meditation and Yoga for physical health and mental wellness. Also, a yoga, workout, and athletic apparel company founded by Lily Ji in New York City 2021. 


Our mission is fitness. Fitness is more than a physical state of being it is also mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. We help people grow through practicing meditation, yoga, and participating in group activities for better focus, mental clarity,  productivity, flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Our vision was to create more than a brand but a means for which people can connect socially within the yoga community and share their journeys.

We encourage people to get fit in all aspects of life pursuing their dreams and

following their true passions through mindful meditation practice and physical

flexibility training. 

We offer yoga class passes, unlimited yoga plans, yoga personal training, and transcendental meditation practice. 

We teach meditation and yoga in indoor studios and at parks. Our classes are open to all levels, beginners are welcome to join. 

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