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lili founded by Lily Ji in New York City in 2021, is a wellness brand that focuses on meditation, yoga, and activewear.
lili was born out of a love for inspiring and cheering people towards yoga, meditation, and spirituality with the curiosity of “Why aren’t there better platforms for people to connect with their inner self?”

 lili is here to help people make the journey beyond the physical world’s limitations, giving relief from the stress and worries of the world, while allowing full creativity to flow, free from any of life’s
distractions. The motivation behind starting lili was to help people recognize the very important, pure relationship with their higher self.

Lily Ji - Yoga instructor, digital creator and influencer


Anthony Donoghue 
Ahthor and Lecturer in Discipline

Having done Yoga for many years in the past, I decided I wanted to get back into it. I ran into Lily in Central Park where she was promoting her new Minidazz studio. She came across as very knowledgeable in Yoga so I decided to book a one-on-one personal session with her. A few days before the session, she invited me to take a group class (free of charge) so she could study my flexibility.

Lily has a wonderful calmness to her that fills the room. With the slightest touch of her hand she is able to push you through the pain to the pleasure of each pose. Lily designed a personal session that matched my flexibility leaving me extremely relaxed and invigorated. In short, the personal session was a true Yoga experience. There are a lot of instructors out there who teach Yoga but the difference is that Lily is a true Yogi. Make an appointment now with Lily, before the word gets out, so you can experience for yourself what Yoga can do for you under the guidance of someone who understands its power. 

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